The Big Design Market

Two weekends ago the annual Big Design Market took place in Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Hall. This event has become one of the most significant in the design calendar, bringing up and coming designers and well established names to the public. One of the trickiest things about finding great locally designed and made products is location. […]

empathy and positivity in busniess

Ever-changing technology forces us to shift the way we do things, because ‘easier’ and ‘faster’ have become the norm in business today. While finding new systems is undeniably valuable for the progression of your business, this process tends to neglect one of the core aspects that drives success: People. Positive interpersonal engagement on all company […]

simple explanation of web accessibility by Raine & Makin

With the advancement of technology comes the betterment of our lives. The access we now have to information and services far supersedes that of any previous generations. We have Google, advanced healthcare. We have the wonderful, track-pant friendly world of online shopping. A positive outcome of this particular development is the opportunity for people with […]

HIC Brand Identity design by Raine & Makin

Health Issues Centre (HIC) is an organisation that carries the consumer voice to the health sector. HIC actively works to empower the community through knowledge, clarity and communication. Established in 1983, HIC provides a pathway from the consumer to healthcare providers. Their ethos lies firmly rooted in the knowledge that by partnering with the consumer, […]

Raine & Makin Play In The Workplace

Finding the perfect work-life balance is one of the greatest struggles we face professionally. There are a number of factors that affect the success of your ideal balance: motivation, dedication, client demands, workplace culture and staff morale. We are big believers in the importance of creating a positive workplace culture. Nurturing this positivity has flow […]

Petraveller Brand Identity stationery

Relocating a pet is a nerve-wracking experience. The process is foreign to most of us, largely out of our hands, and it leaves us feeling slightly out of control. Understandably, we’re concerned for the safety of our pet. This is where Petraveller comes in. Petraveller provides a complete pet relocation and transportation service from the […]

Raine & Makin at PAX Aus

Owning Your Geek Over the weekend, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre was overrun by a subculture fiercely fighting its way into the mainstream: Geekdom. PAX was established in Washington, USA in 2004 as an annual event dedicated to the world of gaming. With an impassioned interest in gaming, we decided to check it out. […]