The difference between a logo and a brand by Raine & Makin

People come to us for business advice, strategy, and development. Clients might be starting a new business with a great idea, but no idea how to take it to market. Or, they’ve hit a dead end in their current business strategy and need guidance finding their new direction. Clients might want to invigorate their existing […]

email marketing

Email marketing is the most cost-effective, efficient way to let your clients know what has been happening in your business. A well designed newsletter is a chance for you to showcase your image, identity and business progression. It’s an opportunity to notify clients of new products or services on offer. A good newsletter will direct clients […]

Should Your Business Have a Blog? by Raine & Makin

Using blogs as a form of inbound marketing focuses on earning – not buying – a person’s attention, which is done through social media and engaging content, such as blog posts, email newsletters, and white papers. This content is interesting, informative and adds value, creating a positive connection in the eyes of the consumer, making […]


Here at Raine & Makin we are always reading, listening, watching and digesting information that we think might be helpful to you, the passionate people we work with everyday. Along the way we always find some nuggets of marketing and business gold that we think can help you on your journey to becoming a business […]


  A little over twelve months ago we formed a brand strategy and created a visual identity for Wood Melbourne, founded by Oliver MacLatchy. In addition to this, we offered Oliver advice about starting up a small business and how he could take his products to market. Given the challenges small businesses face – particularly […]


LearnToLive’s mission is this: To alleviate suffering in remote areas of the world, while building global citizens and future leaders in healthcare. It’s fair to say, they do so with interminable passion, energy and creativity. LearnToLive was founded by Yanti Turang in 2011. Yanti’s belief that everyone has the right to knowledge, education, and healthcare […]

How To Build A Compelling About Us Page

The foundation of a solid business relationship is formed by clear communication, honesty and consistency. The About Us page on your website is a tool to demonstrate these traits, while also being a gateway for potential clients to take a virtual tour through the values and services that make your business unique. One of the […]