Swiss Army Knife representing 5 Online Tools for Running a Small Business

Successfully running a small business requires perseverance, flexibility and good people. Behind this you need some pretty exceptional organisational skills, and the tools to match. Late nights, early mornings and broken holidays are a given- so these tools must be easily accessed if you’re going to keep your business alive, while you live your life. […]

Brand Archetypes - Jester - Rebel - Explorer - Personality strategy

Freedom Fifteen months ago we left the comfort of the nine to five. We left behind sick leave and luxurious, four week paid holidays. Our reasons were these: we were often being told what to design and how to design it; we were working through formulae a lot of the time; presented with the answers […]

Legendary Links

Here at Raine & Makin we are always reading, listening, watching and digesting information that we think might be helpful to you, the passionate people we work with everyday. Along the way we always find some nuggets of marketing and business gold that we think can help you on your journey to becoming a business […]

AFL Grand Final 2014 business and branding

So footy is over for another year and a fair few of us are probably suffering from football fatigue. It has been an interesting season with lots of talking points. Things in the studio have been tense the last few weeks with Rusty being an avid Sydney Swans supporter and Luke a die-hard Hawks man. […]

Brand Archetypes Symbols

The Masters: Ego-fulfilling Brand Archetypes As children, we are presented with challenges. We are thrown onto bikes and propelled forward in the hope that we will remain upright. We stack it. We are ruthlessly snatched away from the delight of our daily nap to be presented with the foreign languages of numbers, shapes and letters. […]


The Seekers: Brand Archetypes Driven by Order I am a gifted cleaner. This gift comes to light when I am pressured to meet a deadline. Some might call it artful procrastination, given the sheer precision with which my shower scrubbing is executed. Others might call it obsessive avoidance. I considered this tendency to clean maniacally […]

Digital Designer

Raine & Makin is hiring! We’re looking for a digital designer to join our growing studio. This role is for a junior or mid level digital designer with a positive attitude and a great eye for design. We work with passionate people to help their businesses stand out and connect with their audiences. We do […]