Raine & Makin business pitch advice

You’re at a party and someone asks you the stock standard, dreaded question, “So, what do you do?” You mumble your way through your usual, uninspiring, and slightly confusing response, only to be met with a blank stare. Good chat. But we’ve all been there. Talking about what you do often evokes a sense of […]


The Port of Melbourne is a thriving, vital business link for Victoria and Australia’s south east. In response to a booming year of trade in 2012-13 – alongside an expectation trade would double in the next 10-12 years – the Port of Melbourne launched the Port Capacity Project. Our clients at MIRRAT (Melbourne International RoRo […]

Legendary Links

Here at Raine & Makin we are always reading, listening, watching and digesting information that we think might be helpful to you, the passionate people we work with everyday. Along the way we always find some nuggets of marketing and business gold that we think can help you on your journey to becoming a business […]

Responsive Website Design & Mobile Friendly

The way we browse, shop, and search online is constantly changing as new tablets and mobile devices are designed. We are hugely dependent on our devices. Not only that, but we are also hungry for the latest and greatest toy, which only fast tracks the next design, and the one after that. Websites need to […]

Melbourne Inspiration by Design Exibition

In this day and age the quest for knowledge is a seemingly simple journey. We have evolved from past, ancient worlds where dusty, creaky encyclopaedias and finely crafted reference books offered up the knowledge of the universe (albeit slightly out of date). Today, we have acquired the skill that is simply known as, “Google it.” […]

Website Design for Green Music by Raine & Makin

Green Music Australia was set up to facilitate environmental change within the music industry. Recognising the power of music to shape generational ideas, along with the need for a marked improvement to our environmental performance, GMA was co-founded by Tim Hollo, renowned musician and environmentalist. GMA’s ideas are thoughtful, practical, and completely achievable through great […]

Choosing the right brand colour by Raine & Makin

As kids, our earliest learning involves understanding various colours and shapes. Learning colours helps us understand the world around us. We use colours to differentiate objects, emotions, and the environment. We also use colours as a form of self expression. As we grow, our intuitive understanding of colour and its associated meaning deepens. Through adulthood, […]