Our Values

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Our Values

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Making a positive impact on people, society & the environment.

– Measure and constantly evaluate our impact on the environment.

– Volunteering program for our people.

– Mindfulness and physical exercise incentives for our people.

– Maintain a 38-hour working week and no communications after 6 pm or on the weekends.

* currently in the certification process for BCorp



Continual learning & improvement to better serve our purpose.

– Never be afraid to challenge the status quo and encourage our clients to do the same.

– Stay curious and open-minded.

– Dedicate time to learning and new ways of thinking

– Actively share new knowledge with each other and our clients.



Meaningful & supportive relationships.

– Show empathy and care for everyone we work with.

– Show care and support for our internal teams and partners.

– Earn trust by doing what we say we’ll do.

– Provide honest feedback, even when it’s challenging to do so.



We are inclusive & respect the strength of diverse experiences & views.

– Be modest and always show respect for each other’s points of view

– As we grow, actively creating a workplace of diversity.

– Collaborate by seeking feedback from diverse sources

– Listen and seek to understand before making your point