Inspiring workspaces within a thriving and collaborative creative community.

Client Profile

Redbox Studios

Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Collateral, Digital Design, Signage, Photography

Established in 2002, Redbox Studio is one of Melbourne’s longest running creative co-working spaces. Split across two locations in the creative hub of Collingwood, Redbox Studios aims to provide a place to create, no matter what your creative vision. Redbox Studios are quite selective when it comes to taking on new tenants as fostering a sense of community and collaboration is paramount.


Redbox Studios came to us with a brand that had lost relevance and authenticity. Their purpose and offering was still quite strong, but with a flood of new competitors in the co-working/creative space industry, it was time to consolidate a clear brand strategy and form a strong sense of identity to differentiate within the marketplace.


Through extensive research and discovery we found some key characteristics that made Redbox unique. Unlike the proliferation of trendy, designer co-working spaces that are available today, Redbox Studios provides a blank canvas to create, express yourself and let your imagination run wild. To communicate the diversity of tenants we created a flexible and evolving visual language, utilising various textures used by tenants, intertwined and overlapping in unique arrangements to show the collaborative energy present within the space.

The spaces were captured through inspirational photography, taking us behind the creative curtains of various tenants. Messaging was honed and simplified to provide an inspirational tone of voice and a creative call to arms, moving beyond the traditional features focused communications of co-working spaces based on internet speeds, car park availability and rental prices. As a result of this process, Redbox Studios has regained it’s position as an authentic and relevant figure within the creative industry, with an increase in tenancy occupation.