Building a youth-led and authentic brand. A clear strategy expressed through engaging experiences and a vibrant identity.

Case Study

Reach Foundation

Services: Stakeholder Interviews, Audience Research & Insights, Strategic Planning, Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging, Brand Identity, Digital Design

Over the past 23 years, Reach has worked with over 850,000 young people, giving them the opportunity to back themselves, connect with others, develop emotional intelligence, and create a positive future.

The way Reach worked with young people was inspirational and authentic. The brand that communicated this to the world, was old, tired and didn’t represent the young people who they exist for.

Listen, learn & discover, before rushing to the solution.

We conducted over thirty face to face interviews across a diverse range of people, both internal and external. Participatory research allowed us to experience first hand the work they do. We immersed ourselves in programs, where we were personally challenged. Based on insights gained, we established inspiring and bold principles to guide the brand and the organisation. This influenced how to communicate and live their purpose.

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A brand that reflects the inspiring and passionate young people at Reach.

An inclusive brand that inspires optimism.

The process united the organisation under one purpose – to support generations of confident, self-aware and passionate young people. It has helped establish new partnerships with aligned organisations and provided a vehicle for young leaders and crew at Reach to proudly communicate the impact they have on the young people they work with every day.

Raine & Makin have helped Reach establish our ‘why' and regain our mojo both internally and externally.

Chris Naish – CEO