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Providing the means to a sustainable future by improving the quality of life for less fortunate communities around the world.

Client Story


Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Website Design / Responsive Website Build

Growing up, Yanti Turang spent a lot of time visiting family in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. During these visits, Yanti noticed lacking health education and limited access to clean water. These experiences solidified her desire to help others. Yanti has always believed that everyone has the right to knowledge, education, and healthcare: LearnToLive is this belief put into action.

LearnToLive was founded in 2011 to implement initiatives which addressed these issues of healthcare, health education, and access to clean water. Since LTL’s founding, they have successfully constructed rainwater catchment systems in Sapa and Siladen. Achieving great success through the implementation of these systems and necessary health programs, LTL began to grow. It was this unstoppable growth and the need for ongoing support that led them to Raine & Makin.

R&M Learn To Live brand stationery


LearnToLive approached us with a common problem. Their branding and visual communication touch points were inconsistent and did not communicate who they truly are. As a growing international not for profit (NFP), the communication of their successes and goals is vital to the sustainability of the organisation. Financial support and commitment from volunteers provides necessary footing to all initiatives undertaken by LTL.

As it stood, their existing brand and website did not communicate why they exist, what they do, and how they do it: all vital points to ensure financial and volunteer support. What they needed was a communicative brand that was also inviting, and one that reflected their energy, agility, and determination.


Through a series of collaborative workshops, we learnt why LTL exists, how they go about achieving their goals, and what they do to improve the health of communities around the world. From these workshops, we knew that LTL needed a brand that gave investors the correct first impression: LTL is undoubtedly a passionate, trustworthy, and committed organisation.

We created the brand statements ‘teaching people today to change tomorrow’ and ‘ordinary people doing the extraordinary’. These statements crystallise the LTL ethos and form the basis of the brand identity. The logo – an L symbol – also represents an open book, denoting values of teaching, growth, possibility, and positivity. With these brand identity touch points resolved, we rolled out the design of the responsive website. Finally, to ensure consistent communication across the board we also developed a brand book that all staff and volunteers can utilise to clarify why they dedicate their time to LearnToLive.

R&M LTL Donor Brochure


The professional and creative team at Raine & Makin were wonderful to work with, they listened to our needs and the end product shows that they fully understood our underlying philosophy here at LearnToLive. Our product now successfully reaches people throughout the globe and the response has been fantastic. We look forward to working with the team at Raine & Makin again in the future to help our organisation reach even higher heights.

Yanti Turang | Executive Director & Founder