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Providing the means to a sustainable future by improving the quality of life for less fortunate communities around the world.

Case Study


Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Digital Design / Campaigns & Messaging

LearnToLive was founded in 2011 to implement initiatives which addressed the lack of access to healthcare, health education, and clean water in remote communities in Indonesia. These programs also provide training for medical students and volunteering experiences for medical professional, engineers and creatives. Since LearnToLive’s founding, these programs have been implemented in 20 communities across Indonesia, Laos, South Africa and Kenya. Achieving great success through the implementation of these programs, LTL began to grow. It was this unstoppable growth and the need for ongoing support that led them to Raine & Makin.

LearnToLive approached us with a common problem. Their branding and visual communication touch points were inconsistent and did not communicate who they truly are. What they needed was a communicative brand that reflected their positive energy, agility, and determination.

We conducted collaborative workshops to create purpose statements and a coherent brand strategy.

Breaking the NFP mould by creating a brand full of energetic optimism and a relatable tone of voice.

Engaging experiences and impact narratives.

Since creating the brand strategy and identity, we have continued to work with LearnToLive on their various campaigns and impact communications. Each piece of communication provides an opportunity to further engage audiences with the unique LearnToLive story. Always using a simple, honest and inspiring tone of voice. LearnToLive has expanded it’s operations into new countries and signed up new partners since the inception of the rebrand. But most importantly, the team at LTL have a clear sense of purpose and know how to communicate it effectively.

The Raine & Makin team bring life to our LearnToLive story. Through their intense strategy sessions with me they understand the LearnToLive voice and mission, and can translate that into compelling visuals and messages. Our brand now successfully reaches people throughout the globe and the response has been fantastic. Raine & Makin's hands on approach is personal, tailored and thoughtful.

Yanti Turang | Executive Director & Founder