Leaders in the creation and supply of corporate apparel.

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Website Design / Website Development / Photography Art Direction / Lookbook

Bizwear supplies innovative, contemporary, and unique corporate uniforms to a number of industries. Bizwear offers custom uniform solutions and ready to wear uniforms from an extensive stocked collection (known to the industry as stock service).

Fast becoming the “challenger” brand in the professional apparel market, Bizwear’s underpinning values are firmly rooted in ethical practices and sustainable manufacturing, while consistently offering smart and fast solutions.

Bizwear believes they have a responsibility to find environmentally sound product developments, meaning not only are they having a positive impact on the world around us, but they are consistently delivering ethically sourced products.

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Given Bizwear’s success and rising status as the “challenger” brand in corporate apparel, they quickly saw a need to revitalise their brand image. As it stood, their brand image and website did not reflect the style and experience that Bizwear embodied.

Knowing their key audience was made up of skilled procurement and senior managers, along with high level managers of supply contracts, Bizwear’s new website had to capture the credibility that they embodied, but weren’t communicating.

The fact that Bizwear was a smart, fast, and credible company formed the basis of the design approach.


As it stood, the existing website was information and text heavy. While there is no denying the value of Bizwear’s wealth of information, it made for a difficult site to navigate. Off the back of this, the intention was set for the new site: create an easy to navigate site with a focus on Bizwear’s areas of expertise, and their vast capability to provide unique solutions to very different industries.

The new site has been developed to be fully responsive and optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile. The CMS utilises Expression Engine, providing a simple content management system for internal staff, enabling easy updates to relevant content. Bizwear’s new site was built by Simon Watson, who has a strong focus on the user, as well as the client. With usability as the key focus of design and development processes, brand values are not lost in a surplus of information. Users can find and seek, while engaging more readily with the product on offer.

Bizwear’s new site now communicates their story, processes, and services with clarity and simplicity.