Client Story

Adam Herbert

Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Stationery Design / Responsive Website Design

Adam Herbert is a strength & conditioning coach and athlete. Adam competes in events, while also providing strength and conditioning coaching to rugby league clubs in NSW. Adam has some revolutionary views and opinions on the world of strength and conditioning, which challenge the status quo and push his clients to greater heights.


Adam Herbert came to us with the need to create a personal brand that inspires, influences, and revolutionises. In an industry rife with brands depicting stereotypical, overtly masculine imagery of faux steel, carbon fibre, chains, and lightning, Adam wanted to tell a story that differentiates him from the strength training norm.


We created a technical, athletic and rebellious brand identity for Adam. Using strong and masculine typography, while also appearing technical and scientific, this aesthetic reflected Adam’s approach to business. The brand symbol is based on Adam’s initials, designed in the shape of a dumbbell to provide a reminder of the man behind the brand. Through this work we positioned Adam as a thought leader in the industry and mapped out strategies for him to gain further influence.