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Would you have a beer with your business?

You’re at a party. A friend brought you, then abandoned you. You don’t know anyone. You check your phone (again), sip your beer (again). You commence a subtle shoulder shuffle. No one else is dancing.

You have no other option. Get out there.

The first person you come across, Joe, is talking about himself. He shouts at everyone about how awesome he is, how good he is at what he does and how much money he makes!! He asks your name, and immediately calls you a different one.

You casually remove yourself as he is quickly glancing at Facebook on his phone to find a photo of himself.

The next person is sitting in the corner, alone. Seems like a better option after your previous encounter. You say hello and ask her name. She mumbles something. You ask whom she knows at the party. Nothing. One last shot:

“So, what do you do?”
“Oh, you know. A bit of this and a bit of that”.

And with that, it’s time to move on. She doesn’t seem that interested in talking to you. She doesn’t seem that interested in her own life.

You’re standing alone (again), thinking why you’re there and what a useless person your friend is. Then someone approaches, offers you a drink and cracks a joke about how hard it is to look like you’re not alone and uncomfortable. They laugh at hopeless friends and ask your name and what you’ve been up to…. They listen. They tell you an interesting, funny and honest story. You tell them a similar experience you had. They introduce you to a group of their like-minded friends and it ends up being a great party. Who would’ve thought?

People have one thing in common; they don’t want to be uncomfortable. They like to belong and identify with other people. The same goes for why people connect with your business, product or service. They don’t want a barrage of marketing messages or a business that’s disinterested in them. They want an interesting story and a business that listens to them.

If your business could be any of the people at the party – who would you want it to be?

– Rusty Benson