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Who Is Your Business? Brand Archetypes Explained

A little while back I visited a friend who runs a retail store. As I watched her work, I was struck by the way she would drill her new customers. She asked probing questions about their goals and who they aspired to be. A bit weird?

Granted, some would throw her a dirty side eye. Perhaps they just wanted to buy their shoes in silence? Perhaps they didn’t like other humans? Or perhaps, just perhaps, they genuinely didn’t know enough about themselves to appease her prying nature? They would hurry the transaction, smile through their teeth and saunter off.

However, the majority of customers responded in kind, with equally frank answers. By the end of a five minute conversation, they were mates. She’d also guaranteed herself repeat business through trust, honesty and a touch of snoop. Without her inquisition, neither would have gained a thing.

Taking the time to ask deeper questions opens up possibilities for new connections. It is vital to understand that significant human interaction will build knowledge, success and longevity in business.

When it comes to branding your business, the goal is to create something that builds on this human interaction and will resonate deeply with your clients- both prospective and existing.

Who is your business?

Instead of defining what it is you do, ask this question. Figuring out who your business is at its core is not a straightforward task. It may seem like an odd concept, given our conditioned readiness to describe what we do, as opposed to who we work with, who we represent and who we aspire to be.

At the crux of it, it’s these people who drive your business.

Understanding this human element will bring clarity to your brand’s voice and image. It will also provide a blueprint for the progression of your business into the future.

How do brand archetypes inform the identity of your business?

Brand archetypes stem from Jungian archetypal theory. Jung’s theory of the psyche defines twelve universal archetypes that provide a structure for understanding the make up of personality type, identity and self. We inherently recognise the core values of these archetypes.

Over the coming weeks we will decode these twelve main archetypes. We’ll explain what Richard Branson and The Guy Who Turns Everything to Skittles have in common. We’ll explain why together, Oprah, Forrest Gump and Bill Gates would have an excellent time on the pints.

We will show you that by figuring out who you are in business, you can create a more memorable and relevant brand. Furthermore, when you articulate who your business is through the use of brand archetypes, you create an opportunity for your clients to feel deeply connected to your business.

They will see themselves, or someone they need to better their own lives. This is on a basic, human level. The need to explain the ins and outs of your processes, products or services is diminished. Because they get it. They get who you are.

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