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Success comes to those who ask why

We live in a world of endless products and niche services. Every where you look there’s a unique product that tells you how much better life would be if you possessed it, a service that helps you, help yourself. Get thin, get fit, do less, do more, save time, track time, invent time (well maybe not, and if so can someone tell us how).

The most successful brands out there don’t just sell the merits of their product, they create a reason first and by then we are more than half way to making our decision. Successful brands communicate why they are different, how they achieve this, and finally what their products are.

Take Apple for example (of course no one has ever used Apple as a reference, but it’s a successful and concise example):

Why do they exist? To think differently and challenge the status quo.
How they do it? Through innovation and exceptional design.
What they do? iPhone, iMac, iPod & MacBooks.

For us (of course no one has ever used us as a reference, so this one makes up for the Apple example):

Why do we exist? To help passionate people understand why they are in business and how to communicate their story with the world.
How we do it? Through client collaboration, partnerships and targeted design
What we do? Print design, web design, brand identity and communications strategy

No matter how small your business is, it holds the same importance. Some would say even more, as you will always have other businesses who have been around longer, have more money or have greater capacity to provide cheaper options.

Its important to be able to quickly and concisely identify why you are in business, how you communicate and achieve this, and finally what your products and services are.

Sometimes its hard to do, but once you get over that initial hump you will have a reference point for every choice, service and story you tell in the future. Your future, full of success!

Do you know why you do what you do?