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Strategies to Know Your Audience Better

To undertake the successful implementation of any brand strategy, you must first know your audience well. Understanding who you’re communicating to and why they are your best audience will lead to far more benefits for your brand. The time and money you invest into marketing, product development, and ongoing strategy will be more cost effective. The energy you invest into nurturing and growing your business will be better utilised. The pay off? Ultimately, you will see greater success and client retention.

There are a number of strategies readily available to you to get to know your audience. Here are some ways to get started.

Immerse Yourself

Imagine your ideal client. What do they love to do? Where do they love to spend time? How do they choose to live their lives? By imagining and understanding your audience’s unique characteristics, you can start to form a base line strategy for getting to know them better. Once you have established their wants, you can immerse yourself in the places your audience spends their time. Observe their behaviours and understand what brings them satisfaction.

Beyond observation, comes conversation. Check in with existing clients and immerse yourself in good old fashioned chat. When you meet prospective clients, ask the right questions. Find out what brought them to you and what they truly need. Utilising your inquisitive nature will connect you on a far deeper and more productive level.

Market research is another great immersion strategy, where focus groups can offer you valuable responses that might otherwise be tricky to get out of day to day communication. The controlled environment helps you to find answers to questions that might seem too forthright in relaxed conversation.

Utilise Online Tools

Being a part of our ever evolving digital world has never proved more conducive to getting to know your audience. The digital tools out there are easy to use, simple to understand, and readily available.

Social media platforms have a number of tools available to businesses to understand what your audience is loving. Not only this, but you are able to form clear identity around your demographic. What you might have previously understood to be your key audience has in fact evolved as your digital social reach has grown.

Google offers exceptional tools to delve into keyword research and online analytics. Through keyword research you can discover what terms clients are using to find you, and in turn, boost the use of such terms throughout your digital content. Google Analytics helps you to assess your demographic, how long they spend on your site, and what they check out while they’re there (among a number of other analytics.) Google also offers a service known as Google Adwords, which works off ‘pay per click’ based research. Basically, you can test out different concepts or content online, and see which option gets the most clicks. This helps you to articulate clear messages that will reach your audience in a more effective manner.

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