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How to Turn Your Customers into Fans

Engaging your audience can be one of the most challenging marketing tasks you will undertake. We have no doubt you’ve given it a crack. How about that Facebook update you posted last year? Or that blog post that went live – along with your then new website – back in 2009? As time has crept on, and your brand has undoubtedly grown, one thing may have slipped by the wayside: you haven’t had the time to communicate effectively with your customers.

A happy customer base is the single most valuable factor that will bring you success. What you need is for them to believe in what you’re doing. Why? It’s belief that will keep them coming back. It’s belief that will get them to spread the word about all the great things you are doing. The sustainability of your business relies on these factors.

Utilising a number of different mediums to communicate with your clients will help you to nurture belief. To start, devising a social media strategy and content schedule will provide you with a platform from which to launch. Your consistent and regular updates will keep you front of mind for your customers, and if played right, they will look forward to your updates. Nike is a master at nurturing the loyalty of their fans. The footwear icon offers a number of different platforms to their audience from which to be notified about the latest product launches. Online calendars, exclusive Nike+ accounts, and Twitter updates help their customers stay on top of upcoming releases. They also offer Nike launch tips to ensure their fans are aware and given an equal chance at purchasing one of their coveted limited releases.

Email marketing still serves as one of the strongest forms of direct, customisable communication with your audience. Sharing your successes, lessons, and business developments and innovations is crucial to nurturing that sense of intrigue, and in time, loyalty. Regular email updates also give you a chance to provide your customers with ongoing benefits and notify them of sales, exclusive deals, or product releases.

With effective communication underway, your audience will come to trust your voice. The consistency you present will lead them to have faith in what comes next.

How do you get your customers to believe in your brand? Get to know your audience, develop an effective communication strategy, and provide exceptional brand experiences. People come to you for a solution, it’s how you offer it that sticks. Give your customers a reason to care about your business: Sharing your passion for what you do – and how it benefits your audience – is a great starting point.