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How to Source and Use Great Imagery

Great brand imagery is an excellent tool to help you easily communicate your brand’s personality. The right imagery tells – and sells – your unique story. It sets the tone and approach for your brand. While you might assume great imagery is simply choosing a few good-looking photos to display on your website and print, imagery must also accurately convey your culture and brand values. Imagery will apply to all aspects of the implementation of your brand strategy, from product photography, to brochures, lookbooks, team profiles and web design.

Commissioned Photography

Commissioned photography is a much safer bet when it comes to controlling the style, tone and content consistency of your brand. It also creates the best experience for your audience, and leaves them feeling more connected to the essence of your business.

Custom created photography is essential for product based businesses. Beautifully shot product photography will boost sales and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Accurately portrayed product details offer your customer certainty and inspires them to purchase.

Stock Photography

When a tight budget and time constraints limit your creative capacity, stock photography can come in handy. However, we recommend that you should only go stock if you have no other choice. Often generic, you lose some valuable specificity that will make your business stand out. Your audience can often see that the image is stock, which may leave the impression that you aren’t committed to creating a unique and memorable experience for them.

If you do use stock images, look for a balanced background and foreground, dynamic framing and creative composition, and avoid overly busy subject matter. Try Stocksy or similar, and avoid extra popular stock image providers, such as iStock and Getty Images. These popular providers are overused and great shots are very expensive.

Creating Memorable Experiences

To truly connect with your audience, it is essential to create memorable brand experiences. Brand imagery is a great tool to help you create these experiences. When you understand who you are in business and what your audience needs, you can create and communicate your unique offering. It’s undeniable that great imagery is one the best tools for telling your brand story.

Raine & Makin can assist you with developing your brand strategy and identifying the best approach to brand photography. Drop us a line to discuss how we can help you create great experiences for your customers.