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LearnToLive Exhibition

LearnToLive’s mission is this: To alleviate suffering in remote areas of the world, while building global citizens and future leaders in healthcare. It’s fair to say, they do so with interminable passion, energy and creativity. LearnToLive was founded by Yanti Turang in 2011. Yanti’s belief that everyone has the right to knowledge, education, and healthcare forms the basis for initiatives currently taking place in Indonesia, Laos, and South Africa.

Last night, LearnToLive showcased their ability to use art and creativity as a means to communicate their message as we joined the crew to celebrate the gallery opening of Erin Neale’s photographic exhibition, Bunaken. Erin is LearnToLive’s artist-in-residence for 2014. Run by LTL’s Creative Director, Amanda Clifford, the artist-in-residence program seeks artists or designers to explore and document the LTL story.

In 2014, the LTL team headed to North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Focusing on health initiatives in communities with limited access to clean water, LearnToLive completed the construction of a rainwater catchment system on Siladen Island. With the help of exceptional volunteers, carpenters, local Indonesian builders and American designers, the project was a huge success. The team also carried out the repair and implementation of an existing ‘R.O’ system on Bunaken Island. Further to this, LTL has plans in place to construct a rainwater catchment system on Bunaken Island in June 2015.

LTL was joined in Indonesia by Erin- a gifted visual storyteller and extremely talented photographer. Currently showing at 136 Lygon, Erin’s show Bunaken offers us a unique insight into LTL’s mission:

“These remote islands offer a complex look at communities both visually stunning and physically isolated from the rest of Indonesia. This underlying contradiction is seen in the way people interact with outsiders and suffer from long-term effects of island heat, sun, lack of water and psychological detachment from others. Erin’s work carefully reflects these opposing images of play versus struggle, joy and desperation, nature versus nurture, while finding a delicate balance that exists in between.”

Bunaken will be showing for five days only, so it’s definitely worth heading over to 136 Lygon to take a look. The show will also travel to New Orleans later this year.

Recently, we worked with LearnToLive to create a new brand identity and website design that would reflect their vitality, creativity and drive. The site launched only two days ago- find out more about LearnToLive and their admirable work here. Next week, we’ll cover off more detail about this project. For now, we’d like to congratulate LearnToLive and Erin Neale for an excellent show. We can’t wait to see what they will achieve in 2015.

rm-LTL-exhibition-002R&M LTL ExhibitionImages by Amanda Clifford.