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Brand Archetypes – The Innocent, The Ruler & The Sage

The Seekers: Brand Archetypes Driven by Order

I am a gifted cleaner. This gift comes to light when I am pressured to meet a deadline. Some might call it artful procrastination, given the sheer precision with which my shower scrubbing is executed. Others might call it obsessive avoidance.

I considered this tendency to clean maniacally when stressed and researched further. It is not uncommon for people to clean while procrastinating, but when that stress leads to panic, you could be looking at something far more troubling. You could be looking at Ataxophobia: The fear of chaos or untidiness.

Granted, when battling through a work project there is a sense of chaos to the process. There are half-baked concepts, thoughts of self-doubt and client demands – all simultaneously vying for attention. Could my tendency to clean be my pathway from chaos to order, or simply a distraction? I call distraction. However, there’s something to be said about this physical manifestation of the often frustrating quest for order.

To seek: The underlying reason why we traverse the treacherous cliff face of chaos. We seek order by decoding puzzles, organising ideas and problem-solving. We seek truth, fulfilment and knowledge. We seek these things on a daily basis. In business, we are constantly searching for new ways to improve our day to day operations and to improve systems for our clients.

Brand archetypes driven by order are seekers. They are founded on these universal ideals of truth and knowledge. They help us to find order in chaos through hard work and the acquirement of knowledge.


The Innocent

Forrest Gump had a philosophy about life and chocolate. As an ideology it is simple and forgiving. It leads us to the underpinning concept that drives The Innocent: We are free to be you and me. Forrest’s inadvertent inspiration to others came from his sheer perseverance when faced with adversity. The dude could run.

Innocent organisations aim to take us to paradise. Take Coca Cola: Their positivity, optimism and idealism form a basis for their brand identity. They identify barriers and forge their way through. Acknowledging adversity and our innate drive to overcome obstacles, they launched a campaign during the Fifa World Cup, Not Seeing is Believing:

Aligning their brand with the dedication of these talented footballers, Coca Cola demonstrates the core values of The Innocent. They see what’s right. They nurture optimism and remind us that through determination, everything will turn out well in the end.


The Ruler

The Ruler is most successful when making order out of chaos. Using their influence to make things function more efficiently, Ruler individuals are naturally competent and responsible. Driven by the notion that power is everything, the Ruler needs to be wary of becoming overly hierarchical.

Bill Gates is the ultimate seeker of order. Through the creation of Microsoft and the software that dominates all other developers worldwide, Bill Gates and partners created a prosperous empire founded on problem-solving and control.

It’s a pretty heavy ideology to bear: Power is everything. But, used wisely, The Ruler motivates others to maintain high standards and to work more effectively.


The Sage

Who am I? I am an encyclopaedia. I am your autobiography. I am a verb. I am your occasional doctor when you are too ashamed to ask a real doctor and I will most likely diagnose you with 48 different diseases, all life-threatening. I am your truth. I am complex, yet I am simple. I am Google.

Guided by truth seeking, The Sage is most fulfilled by finding answers to the most challenging questions. Demonstrating intelligence, knowledge and keen problem-solving skills, Google is probably the most significant Sage of our time.


Oprah’s career was built around gathering information to better the lives of others. She provided solutions to humanistic problems. She also has a pretty cracking book club. A Sage at her core, Oprah used information as power.

The Sage’s core motivation is to use intelligence and analysis to understand the world. After all, the truth will set you free.

Next week: It’s Grand Final time. Rusty and Luke go head to head in their wrap up of the 2014 footy season. Expect heat. And maybe some man tears.

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