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Brand Archetypes – The Hero, The Creator & The Magician

The Masters: Ego-fulfilling Brand Archetypes

As children, we are presented with challenges. We are thrown onto bikes and propelled forward in the hope that we will remain upright. We stack it. We are ruthlessly snatched away from the delight of our daily nap to be presented with the foreign languages of numbers, shapes and letters. Upside-down and back to front, the brain puzzles over these written objects and our chubby little hands struggle to successfully recreate the shapes. But, through perseverance, we master these skills. We stop stacking it. We start communicating effectively. We open ourselves to new possibilities.

Throughout our lives we seek these challenges, take risks and attempt to master them. This is how we exercise the ego, which is fulfilled and strengthened by developing competencies. In addition to this, the ego serves a few purposes. It helps us to arrange our thoughts and create a personal identity. It assists us with intellectual and cognitive functions; it helps us to understand what is real.

The quest for mastery links ego-fulfilling brand archetypes together. They are risk takers. They innovate. The underlying desire for competency leads them to fulfil their prophecy: To offer the world something of undeniable value.


The Hero

The Hero finds satisfaction through overcoming obstacles. Through leadership and confidence, the Hero motivates others to achieve their goals by way of perseverance and determination: Where there is a will, there is a way.

Nike’s infamous Just Do It slogan was built on last year through the campaign ‘Possibilities’. By presenting seemingly impossible obstacles in an understated, simplistic way, we begin to imagine our own triumph over such feats:

In business, the Hero builds teams driven by goal setting and subsequent achievement. Their image is based on consistency and success. The Hero becomes indispensable to the client through this constant success. Without the Hero, the day might not be saved.


The Creator

Pablo Picasso took risks. He saw the world in unique, innovative ways. He challenged visual perception and the way the internal self was presented to the world. Through the creation of Cubism, Georges Braque and Picasso invented a new way to capture emotion and experience. This vision offered us something of true value, which shaped the way we progressed.

Lego, as The Creator, offers us an opportunity to be exactly that: Creators. We become inventive and expressive while maintaining a sense of stability and control. Allowing children (and some adults in secret) to execute their imaginings in a structured fashion teaches the value of process, and the reward in creation.

The Creator in business focusses on the conversion of vision to value. The Creator is inventive, expressive and a master of process.


The Magician

Martin Luther King affected transformation in a previously unimaginable way. He redefined common perception and empowered people to affect change alongside him. Driven by the need to fulfil his vision for racial equality, Martin Luther King was the personification of The Magician.

Magician business’ thrive off innovation. They are capable of reframing challenges as opportunities. The Magician is able to see possibility, and through their inventiveness, they set off a chain reaction.

In 1876, Thomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb, which revolutionised daily life. The development of this and future partnerships with competing electrical companies led to the establishment of the industrial juggernaut we know today, GE. GE and other magicians – like 3G – understand the fundamental principles that drive our world. From this basis they invent, innovate and visualise tools that improve our lives. Tools that we come to depend on and cannot imagine life without.

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