Are you burnt out, time poor, and unsure about the next step for your business?

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Are you burnt out, time poor, and unsure about the next step for your business?

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Your business is staying afloat, but you’re burnt out, short on time, and struggling to figure out your next step. How can you find your new direction?

When we start out in business, we want just that: business. However, it’s all too common that business owners find themselves completely swamped and consumed by the day to day operations of their companies. Somewhere in the midst of the chaos, we lose sight of our direction, audience, and future goals. What can help you restore a sense of order, is a partner.

We partner with businesses who are undoubtedly doing well, but who need support to reconnect with their customers. On occasion, growth stalls and the business stagnates. Motivation for future endeavours is lost and often, the customer senses this. We present you with an opportunity to regain trust in your brand values and help you progress your business to a place where new brand experiences are available to your customers.

By creating new brand experiences loyal customers are reminded why they believe in your brand. New customers are presented with something that is fresh, relevant, and engaging. While this is undoubtedly valuable for strengthening your customer base, it is also valuable for your team. Reinvigorating your identity will also have positive and lasting effects on staff morale and the ongoing success of your business.

How Can We Help?

At R&M, we will guide you through workshops to get to the bottom of your existing brand values. But more importantly, we want to understand why you’ve hit a road block. By helping you to reconnect with these values and assess unforeseen challenges, we can create an approach that will draw you out of the rut.

Designing and developing new platforms that will enable positive brand experiences can also immensely reinvigorate your brand. Responsive sites, suitable for mobile, tablet, and desktop, align your brand with the most progressive industry players. Smart content management, utilising blogs, social media, SEO and SEM, will bring your brand front of mind for existing and prospective clients.

All of this is valuable, but you’re probably wondering when you’ll find the time to manage all of this. At Raine&Makin, we offer effective content creation strategies and the development of blog schedules. By looking into industry specific SEO and the way your audience is engaging with blog posts, we continue to build on these content creation strategies. We also offer ongoing project and social media management services that leave you free to get on with running your business. All we need from you is to know how best we can help you.

Our Approach

Case study


Bizwear was fast emerging as a key player in the corporate apparel industry when they approached us. Their ability to deliver challenging projects was clear, but their image didn’t reflect their capabilities. They had lost the sense of direction that was vital to continuing their success. Early work with Bizwear saw us helping them to redefine their business view and future outlook.

We designed and developed a new website which simplified Bizwear’s extensive offering. Creating a user friendly site that was easy to navigate and manage, allows both customers and staff to engage more positively with their online presence.

We now maintain ongoing production of brand catalogues, while also looking after their content management. To ease their workload, we provide a service that offers blog writing and social media management.

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