Do you have a great idea for a business, but no clue how to make it a reality?

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Do you have a great idea for a business, but no clue how to make it a reality?

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You have turned your passion into a business. But how can you make it successful?

You are a passionate person. You know what you love to do and why you do it. You’ve taken the brave, shit-scary leap into the unknown and you turned your passion into a business. The nuts and bolts are there, but how do they fit together? Developing a strategy to take your business to market is the first step.

We understand this process all too well: we did it too. The late nights, fear, passion – and even uncertainty – keep you moving forward. But, this is all in vain if you haven’t taken the time to establish the approach that will result in a sustainable business.

Creating success is no easy road and there are a number of ways you can get there. Early on, if you take the time to assess your values, ideas, and goals, you allow yourself the chance to build a foundation that will give you stability. Developing a strategy that is informed by these values leads to a strong brand identity; one that will have longevity, consistency, and a unique voice.

How Can We Help?

First, we create your brand strategy. This is the fuel to get your business in motion. We hold workshops to get to the bottom of your key motivators. We are not driven by passing trends; we are driven to create custom solutions that reflect your ideals and aspirations. These workshops help us to understand where you want to go and ‘who’ you want your business to be.

From the development of a solid strategy comes your brand identity. Your identity is your image, voice, customer service, your people. This is how customers perceive you. We create brand touch points and experiences that boost customer engagement and leave a lasting impression.

As your identity is resolved, we extend on your brand strategy and develop an ongoing marketing and communication strategy. Here, copywriting, digital marketing, SEO, and social media engagement come into play. The way you communicate to your customers – and how frequently you do so – will determine a great deal of your growing success. We can help you create an effective approach that will make starting this process easier.

Our Approach

Case study

Wood Melbourne

Oliver McLatchy’s products are innovative and beautifully designed. Oliver approached us with his exceptional idea – an idea that would undoubtedly be a success – but he needed a way to take his product to market.

Establishing Wood Melbourne’s vision and purpose through an extensive workshop, we developed a brand strategy and identity that placed Oliver firmly in the market. We rolled out the visual identity across packaging, signage, instruction manuals, stationery and his online store. His offering was almost complete.

The communications strategy that helped Wood Melbourne become a key player in the product design world was developed in response to a limited budget, but also the nature of press exposure in the design industry. Blogs and online publications are hugely influential in the world of up and coming designers. Managing the initial PR process for Wood Melbourne, we designed a press release that showcased Wood Melbourne’s products in the best light. With this, Wood Melbourne went to market with a clear image and voice. Today, their ongoing success speaks of the value of this strong start.

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R&M Wood Melbourne Brand Strategy
R&M Wood Melbourne Products

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