Are you struggling to turn customers into fans?

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Are you struggling to turn customers into fans?

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You are passionate about your brand, product, and business. How can you help your customers feel the same way?

Engaging your audience can be one of the most challenging marketing tasks you will undertake. We have no doubt you’ve given it a crack. How about that Facebook update you posted last year? Or that blog post that went live – along with your then new website – back in 2009? As time has crept on, and your brand has undoubtedly grown, one thing may have slipped by the wayside: you haven’t had the time to communicate effectively with your customers.

A happy customer base is the single most valuable factor that will bring you success. What you need is for them to believe in what you’re doing. Why? It’s belief that will keep them coming back. It’s belief that will get them to spread the word about all the great things you are doing. The sustainability of your business relies on these factors.

How do you get your customers to believe in your brand? Get to know your audience, develop an effective communication strategy, and provide exceptional brand experiences. People come to you for a solution, it’s how you offer it that sticks. Give your customers a reason to care about your business, sharing your passion for what you do is the starting point.

How can we help?

We can work with you to develop an effective brand strategy at any stage of your business life cycle. Understanding what is unique about your brand and passion provides a starting point for all strategy work. The idea is to create a plan that allows you to share relevant content with your clients. This will help them to relate to, engage with, and follow your brand.

At R&M, we utilise a number of different mediums to communicate with your clients. We can help you devise a social media strategy, or a content and blog schedule. Email marketing still serves as one of the strongest forms of direct communication with your customers – we can design and build a great template that helps you speak to them effectively.

We develop platforms that will create positive brand experiences. Your customers are digitally savvy, they know how to find what they want. Creating a mobile friendly, highly usable website offers a simple, straightforward experience. We make it easy for your clients to buy what you offer.

To ensure consistency beyond the completion of a branding project, we create brand books which offer stylistic guidelines for your ongoing communication strategy.

Our Approach

Case study

Learn to Live

LearnToLive came to us with a very clear understanding of who their audience is, but their branding and visual communication touch points were inconsistent. Engaging their audience was vital to their growing success, given the necessity of ongoing financial and volunteer support to sustain their organisation.

We worked with LTL to understand the determination and motivation that makes their organisation so worthwhile. Our goal was to harness the altruism and positivity that LTL’s followers possess.
Through complete brand rejuvenation, we developed a new logo, website, and brand collateral to create a consistent, solid, and vibrant brand image.

To ensure this new, communicative brand identity held its relevance, we created a brand book to help the LTL team in the future. LTL volunteers and team members can refer to this at any time to maintain the image that truly speaks of LTL’s cause.

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R&M Learn To Live brand strategy
R&M LTL Donor Brochure

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