Building Trust

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This eBook explores a framework for developing and maintaining purpose-driven brands. We look at the role that brand, identity, culture and behaviour play in earning and maintaining trust.

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Discover how to build trust through a brand driven by your values and purpose.

The Role of Brand for Purpose-driven Organisations

Trust is key to every purpose-driven organisation.

Organisations build and maintain trust by delivering on the promises they make to customers, partners and internal teams. In the case of not-for-profits and businesses set up to deliver social impact, delivering on your promises is key to your very existence. 

Can We Trust Branding?

The word ‘brand’ or ‘branding’ provokes different, not always positive, responses from leaders of purpose-driven organisations. What place does brand have in our current climate? Can we use it as a force for good? If so, it is essential to provide clarity around the characteristics of a purpose-driven brand. 

We Already Have a Brand.

A brand is far more than a set of defining visual characteristics, style guides, messaging, and marketing tactics. In the modern sense, it is the culmination of an organisation's culture, behaviour, communication and experiences people have with you. 

The Role of Brand in Purpose-driven Organisations.

A strong brand is a powerful vehicle to communicate your commitment to your mission. It also plays a strategic role internally to:

  • Express purpose to your people and partners
  • Support your approach and theory of change
  • Live organisational values
  • Build operational capacity
  • Secure and retain human and financial resources 
  • Maintain focus on your social mission
  • Inspire supporters into action

What's inside this eBook?

  1. Introduction
  2. A Short History of Brand
  3. What Does a Contemporary Brand Look Like?
  4. How the Next Generation is Changing Brands
  5. The Role of Values
  6. A Unique Way of Branding NFPs
  7. Our Framework for Building a Purpose-driven Brand
  8. Why is Brand Essential to Your Success?
  9. Case Studies

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Building Trust

The Role of Brand for Purpose-driven Organisations