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Tools Your Brand Needs for Social Media Success

Social media is our daily habit: a connection to friends, family, pop culture, our favourite brands, products, and services. There is no question that a strong presence on social media is now vital for any business. A crucial part of your overall brand strategy, your social media strategy helps to solidify your audience’s relationship with your brand. However, the multitude of platforms on which to connect with your audience can seem daunting.

As our understanding of what works on social media has evolved, we are now able to boost our chances of success. Through an effective strategy and clear objectives, your social media presence can grow and offer your audience ongoing engagement with your brand.

Here are a few tools that will simplify the sometimes overwhelming task of social media management.


The first, most valuable step to take in creating an effective strategy is to identify your objectives. What value will your social media presence provide to your audience? It is crucial to know your audience and present them with content that will engage, entertain, and enlighten. Outline an editorial mission. Consider your brand values in the process and find content that supports these values.

It is not necessary to be on every platform out there. Through analytics and research, you will be able to determine which channels your audience favours. Focus on one or two, this will help to boost following on a particular channel. More importantly, it saves you time and creates an extensive body of work, as opposed to irregular updates on a number of different platforms.


A scattergun approach doesn’t work and is unsustainable due to the energy required. Create a schedule and spend only one day a week scheduling the week’s post. With the vast number of online scheduling tools available, this approach creates habit and is sustainable in the long term. Schedules can always change, so don’t eliminate the possibility for great, engaging, spur of the moment posts. A schedule is simply a way of ensuring you are maintaining your vital online social media presence.

Here are some of the better known scheduling tools available.


Buffer helps to schedule and manage various accounts from one place. It is available on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. It is an excellent time-saving tool, and easy to use.


Schedugram schedules posts for specifically for Instagram. “Worry about the content, not the posting.” In the upload process you are able to crop, rotate or filter images, while also managing multiple accounts.


Iconosquare tracks analytics for your Instagram and provides you with valuable information. What hashtags have proven to be popular with your audience? Which hashtags will give you further reach? Posts at certain times of certain days will garner more engagement, Iconosquare will let you know on which days and times you should post.


IFTTT is an amazing free service where you can employ ‘recipes’ between social media channels. Say you post a photo on Instagram, IFTTT has a recipe that will automatically post a native twitter photo with the same caption (ie, it is not just a link to Instagram). Another example is the ability to save a photo to your dropbox after you’ve liked the image on Instagram. Definitely worth checking out to find a recipe that works for you.

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