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The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most cost-effective, efficient way to let your clients know what has been happening in your business. A well designed newsletter is a chance for you to showcase your image, identity and business progression. It’s an opportunity to notify clients of new products or services on offer. A good newsletter will direct clients to your blog, validating all the effort you’ve been putting into content creation. It’s also a good chance to simply say hello and remind your clients that you’re still around.

We are digitally savvy now: we are unwilling to be visually assaulted by bad design, or inundated with junk emails that offer no advantage.

When creating email newsletters (EDMs), the most crucial factor to keep in mind is how all of this information will benefit your client. We are digitally savvy now: we are unwilling to be visually assaulted by bad design, or inundated with junk emails that offer no advantage. We are very familiar with the ‘unsubscribe’ button these days, so it’s important that we don’t give our clients a good reason to click it. Be considerate of the client you are contacting. There are tools available to personalise information or address the client directly, ensuring they feel like they are opening something from which they will gain.

Your goals are to draw people into the work you are doing, to present valuable information that is being shared with altruistic intention, and to ensure the work you are doing is receiving the attention it deserves.


Maintain & Retain Relationships

Underpinning the obvious communicative intentions of email marketing is the desire to connect. We need to stay in touch with our clients to stay in business. Whether they’re prospective or existing, some clients will need more engagement or persuasion than others to ensure they will come to you before your competitor.

Honest and generous communication humanises your brand. People prefer to deal with people when they’re investing time and money into services. Knowing that someone has taken time to personalise an email that offers you something new or needed, places your business in a favourable light. Too often information is withheld from prospective clients in a bid to protect intellectual property­ or it’s a misguided attempt to get them in the door. This can actually lead to resentment towards your brand. Other players are offering free advice, or frequently ­ and openly ­ communicating their successes and services. Your relevance is dictated by how you stack up against these competitors, so sharing valuable insights into your industry builds trust, certainty and longevity.

Reminding clients that you have useful skills, insights, and talents ­ without the expectation of immediate return ­ keeps your brand front of mind. When the time is right, your regular communication will pay off and you will be the first port of call.


Quick Tips
  • Engage a designer to develop a great template that balances images and copy well.
  • Write engaging subject headings. Allude to benefits included in the newsletter to boost open rate.
  • Write brief, entertaining copy that delivers news in a direct fashion.
  • Use strong, relevant images.
  • Be consistent. Send EDMs once a month, offering varied content while maintaining your brand voice.

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