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R&M Welcomes Simon Khano

Simon Khano joined the Raine & Makin team in December 2015, and since then, this one of a kind designer has brought passion and exceptional conceptual skills to the R&M studio.

A recent graduate from RMIT’s Bachelor of Design (Communication Design), Simon’s commitment to high quality design leads to a commitment to ongoing self development. He is an excellent collaborator, bringing strategic and insightful ideas to the R&M table. Simon is a great addition to the culture of our studio, bringing a great work ethic, an often irreverent sense of humour, and great tunes.

Simon’s skill set covers branding design, concept development, graphic design, and photography. Here’s what Simon has to say on what motivates him to design:

“Creativity has always been a strength of mine and this was explored throughout my childhood and adolescence. Throughout my schooling and completing my degree I was able to travel a fair bit of the world, which I think is vital in broadening the scope of my aesthetic knowledge and especially of understanding the world I live in.

I am an avid believer in the concept of ‘form following function’, in that communicative design must have a purpose and any aesthetic qualities should only aim to fulfil that purpose.

I think of myself as an environmentalist in that I acknowledge that my actions have an effect on my surroundings. I do have a focus on sustainability and low impact resources.”

On a final note, it must be clarified that no, Simon is not from Hawaii, despite Rusty’s finely tuned sense of geography. Furthermore, his surname is not pronounced KaaaHaaaNo. Oh, and yes, Simon has a pitch perfect singing voice.

Welcome to the team, Simon.