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R&M Legendary Links – Our Monthly Top Links for Entrepreneurs & SME’s

Here at Raine & Makin we are always reading, listening, watching and digesting information that we think might be helpful to you, the passionate people we work with everyday. Along the way we always find some nuggets of marketing and business gold that we think can help you on your journey to becoming a business rockstar.

So welcome to R&M’s Legendary Links – a monthly dose of interweb goodness to get your business humming and your tribe engaged with your brand. We have been web surfing like Kelly Slater so you don’t have to. Enjoy.


Biz & Marketing

The 3 things Every Start-up Founder Must Do: Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter – Link

We are slightly obsessed with Channel Ten’s Shark Tank. There are so many crazy, stupid, brilliant business ideas out there, it is fascinating to see how they stack up when the panel of savvy business gurus are asked to hand over their hard earned cash. One of the most brutal ‘Sharks’ has to be the tech-start-up whizz Steve Baxter. This guy knows his stuff and this article has some sage advice for start-up founders. “I’M OUT”.


13 Actionable Marketing Tactics to Drive Sales Online – Link

For those of you with Online Stores, here are some great tips to help drive your sales. If you sell things and don’t have an online store then you really need to give us a shout, it is dead simple and easy to get up and running these days. Article Via Shopify (our favourite ecommerce provider).


Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Now Essential for Your Business – Link

Google has changed their algorithm to favour websites that are mobile friendly in their search results. Now more than ever you need a responsive website that is mobile friendly. We have been yabbering on about this for a while, but now businesses without mobile friendly websites will be losing traffic, presence and sales. Check out our article for more info.



Five Personal Branding Lessons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know – Link

We all know that businesses are made and run by people. And often it is the individual people and our relationships with them that  guide who we work with, not the businesses reputation. Having a trustworthy reputation as an individual is more important than ever with tools such as LinkedIn increasing our networks every day. Whether you mean it or not, you have a personal brand, your reputation, and whether you like it or not people are googling your name. This article has some great advice about taking control of your personal brand.


How Levi’s Became a Brand With Staying Power  – Link

It seems like everyday you hear another story about a meteoric rise of a start-up brand or tech company being bought for squillions. At R&M we are often more interested in the brands who have evolved and adapted over decades and still thrive. Playing the long game is something we constantly talk about, for example you can’t expect SEO or social media results tomorrow, it takes strategy and laser focussed execution over time. Levi’s is such a brilliant example of a brand we admire, read more about the amazing staying power of this brand.


Just For Fun

FYI I’m a Graphic Designer- Link

This made us laugh, a lot. Designers can often be accused of taking themselves a bit too seriously, not something we necessarily agree with but this video is a good laugh either way.


Seb Lester –   Hand Drawn Famous Logos – Link

Wow, now this guy has skills. The control, the precision, just stop it, you are too good!

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The R&M Team