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R&M Legendary Links – Our Monthly Top Links for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Here at Raine & Makin we are always reading, listening, watching and digesting information that we think might be helpful to you, the passionate people we work with everyday. Along the way we always find some nuggets of marketing and business gold that we think can help you on your journey to becoming a business rockstar.

So welcome to R&M’s Legendary Links – a monthly dose of interweb goodness to get your business humming and your tribe engaged with your brand. We have been web surfing like Kelly Slater so you don’t have to. Enjoy.


Biz & Marketing

9 Rules For Emailing From Google Exec Eric Schmidt – Link

Love it or hate it, emails are an integral tool that we use daily in business. There are loads of different theories on how to best manage and use email. This article picks the brains of someone who should know how to use email well, yep, a Google Exec. Check out his 9 helpful rules to avoid inbox overload.


14 Crucial Design Lessons to Guide You in 2015 – Link

From the dedicated team at Co.Design, here are the most important design lessons of 2014. May they inspire you to greatness in 2015.

Responsive design, which lets designers and developers build websites that adapt to every screen size, is one of the most important web tools of the past decade.


What is a Website Content Management System? And, Why You Need One  – Link

CMS refers to a Content Management System, or basically, a system that allows you to self publish various forms of content on your website. These systems are incredibly valuable for your business and web presence. Find out more in our article.

5 Brand Strategies to Uniquely Position Your Ecommerce Business Above the Competition – Link

With brand loyalty on the decline for the third straight year, building a strong customer base is more important than ever before. This post takes a look at actionable ways to build a powerful brand strategy for your ecommerce store.


Starting Up, Then And Now: Why Richard Branson Believes Business Life Is Better Today – Link

Did entrepreneurs have an easier time starting up a decade or so ago? It’s an interesting question. Check out this article to see what happened when Forbes asked a few seasoned entrepreneurs about how they viewed starting up in business then and now.


Just For Fun

Stance Socks HQ – WOW! – Link

Don’t get us wrong, we love our workspace, but this is just next level. Stance Socks are killing it and this is certainly reflected in their HQ setup. 2/3 of the area is dedicated to play and 1/3 to work. We have decided that our next studio must have a basketball ring.


How Times Have Changed

This sums it up perfectly.



Ricky Gervais Tells A Story About How He Learned To Write – Link

Probably the funniest man on the planet, Ricky Gervais gives us a hilarious and sincere insight into his writing process and how it came to be.

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The R&M Team