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How to Create a Compelling ‘About Us’ Page

The foundation of a solid business relationship is formed by clear communication, honesty and consistency. The About Us page on your website is a tool to demonstrate these traits, while also being a gateway for potential clients to take a virtual tour through the values and services that make your business unique.

One of the keys to creating a great About Us page is that clients must be able to see what it is you do off the bat. In the first instance, the customer must be assured that they are in the right place. Without this certainty, they will likely bounce to a competitor’s site. Alongside clearly articulating what it is you do, humanising your brand will help to grab and hold onto the reader’s attention. Simple? Not always. There’s no doubt that creating an engaging About Us page will always be a challenge, so here are a few tricks to help you get there.

Be Yourself

One of the biggest blunders we see when people write web content and about us pages is the overuse of adjectives and big words. It’s an understandable error. We think that in order for people to take us seriously, we need to sound clever and wordy. More often than not, this doesn’t translate. People either have no idea what you’re talking about, or they cannot relate to you.

Consider the first impression you like to make when you meet clients. What image do you like to project? Do you like to appear easygoing? You might prefer to appear energetic and motivated. However you present yourself, write that way. Tone is one of the key techniques used when communicating brand values.

Also consider the way you speak about your business. When you are pitching for new business or meeting a new client, you are your brand’s voice. You know how to present the ideas that drive your business and the benefits of your products or services. Taking hold of this language and transferring it to paper means that you and the web representation of your business are one in the same. This builds on consistency. Customers who have found you online don’t want to expect one thing, then find you are something completely different. Their trust in the process may start to wane if there are conflicting ideas in various representations of your company.

Consider What Drives You

When writing about your business, consider your story. This is an invaluable resource. Ask yourself: how did your business grow? What ideas or experiences drove you to start your company? Told well, your story will humanise your about us blurb and offer the reader a chance to relate to you. People love an anecdote. They also love openness. Sharing personal experience creates lasting connections and trust.

Communicate the traits that define and drive you to succeed in business. By articulating what makes you passionate about what you do, clients are able to see if your core values marry up to their own. Or better: offer them the one thing they need to improve their own lives. If people are seeking out a service or product, they want to feel certain and motivated to buy. Passion is infectious and assuring: use it to your benefit.

Add & Subtract

Add images, testimonials or videos. Trying to explain company culture, your wealth of experience and ability in one hundred words can be quite a test. Often a great team photo will convey what needs to be said about your workplace culture. Great testimonials will give your customer certainty. With our ever diminishing attention spans, videos offer an alternative presentation and a chance to include highly valuable visual information that might lose meaning in text.

Once you have the workings of an exceptional about us page, edit, edit and edit. And edit again. Consider the reader and their needs as you do so, this page is for them: Why have they come to your site? How can you show them they’re in the right place?

Be cautious of repetition, you needn’t paraphrase key points in order to help people understand what it is you do. If grammar isn’t your strong suit, have someone more skilled look over the piece. Double check all spelling. Actually, triple check all spelling. Most importantly, get rid of the fluff. Simple, direct statements will keep your customer engaged.

Examples of Great About Us Pages

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