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eCommerce: Our tips to stay ahead of the game

eCommerce is constantly changing. Hosting platforms are more complex and efficient, and social media is now informing the way we buy online. As eCommerce evolves, so too do your customers. They expect easier ways to connect with your brand and products. They also expect their shopping experience to be seamless and rewarding. So, how can you create a memorable and simple online shopping experience for your loyal and prospective customers?

Go Mobile

Consider the way your customers spend their time online. We are all aware of the rise of mobile use, so it must be noted that a third of ecommerce sales are happening on mobile. Creating a responsive, mobile ecommerce site will ensure your device loving customers aren’t left disappointed.

Get Social

Social media advertising is now prolific, and for a number of customers, this will be the only way they hear about your products. Creatures of habit, these users will trawl social media feeds multiple times a day. If your product is posted, you boost your chances of engaging them to click through and connect with your online offering.

Further to this, consider messaging apps your customers are using. Being able to connect with a business instantly via chat quickly harnesses your customer’s interest, and they are not lost due to lengthy phone queues, or difficulty finding the product they need online.

Surprise Your Customers

Surprising your customers with flash sales is a great way to boost traffic to your online shop. Again, this can be advertised through social media. Or, create a sense of privilege for your subscribers and followers by offering member specific discount codes.

Flash sales create frenzy, and the short-lived nature of these events drives consumers to buy in a hurry.

Stay Connected

Throughout the shopping journey, it is incredibly valuable to get creative about the way you communicate your product’s worth to your customer. Video plays a huge part in this, where a visual representation of how your product works and looks can make a customer’s mind up. Asos offers a great example of this, where ‘Catwalk’ videos of their garments enable users to see the clothes in action. When tactility is lost, you must be inventive when it comes to showing your customers just how desirable your product is.

Another way of staying connected to your customers is through abandoned shopping carts. As we become more digitally savvy, we also seem to become more distractible. Shopping carts are often left if time, work, or YouTube has got the better of us. By sending a friendly email reminding customers about the shopping cart still full of great product, you boost your chances of closing sales that might otherwise have been lost in the ether.

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