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About us

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We are a purpose-led design company

We are a group of designers inspired to do work that benefits our clients, their customers and the world we live in. We believe business can contribute to and drive social change, while delivering returns to all stakeholders – not just shareholders. By ensuring a healthy community and environment is at the core of every business, you can create long term success rather than short term financial gain. Learn more about our approach and core beliefs, or arrange a time to meet with us.

Founder & Creative Director

Luke Schoknecht

Luke brings together his passion for strategic brand thinking, entrepreneurial skills and experience as a graphic designer to assist businesses to connect with their audience.

With ten years experience as a designer, he balances creative flair and ideas with logic and research based insights.

Along side Raine & Makin, he is also the co-founder of Mavericks Laces, a successful Melbourne based brand.

Founder & Director

Rusty Benson

Rusty’s work and personal life are linked by one motivation: creating a better world for his two beautiful children. His focus on family is the driving force behind the way he balances his work and home life.

Rusty is fascinated by the many ways people connect, and how experiences shape us and influence our decision making. He believes good design is about solving real human problems, big and small.

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